A little bit about me

When Sam Pets (Sample) was a young boy, he started to share his passion for music with his father, also a former DJ. Because of practising day after day, Sample already had the ability to blend many styles of music in his sets at a very young age.

His music variety definitely surprises the crowd with influences of music they would not expect at parties, but love to hear anyway. Rather then being just another deejay, Sample developed his skills and participated in the biggest dj-contest on national radio in Belgium (MNM Start To DJ 2014).

He won the contest and now he’s making his mark in the artist world. With references that would ashtonish most people, he is ready to take on the rest of the world. He loves to entertain the crowd. A DJ like no other that loves to give the people a party that they have never seen or heard before.

Why I love what I do

Seeing people come together and enjoying the music is one of the most amazing things you can see in a lifetime. Deejay’s are hooked on those happy moments, when people are partying, dancing and enjoying themselves while listening to your music. People enjoying your music, giving you the thrilling excitement of happiness is just wonderful.
Every performance is special and every time I spin the decks, I realise how lucky I am for being able to envigorate people in such a way that they forget everything around them and just enjoy the music.
To see those happy faces is amazing. What I do is making people happy and that’s why love what I do.

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